Visual merchandising, concept styling, brand pictures, social media photography, fashion styling and project management. 



Visual merchandising 

As a visual merchandiser, I have built window displays, pop up shop stands and Concept Store design. I love to see a space come to life with every little detail telling a story. 



I love creating visuals, that build communication and a sense of closeness and intimacy between a brand's concept and the end consumer. The taste for Photography started as a hobby and now has become an important tool for my work.  


Project management

During my work life I have had the opportunity to produce and manage a series of projects and have come to love the work. It enables me to do team work and be on the other side of the creative process. 



Working with kids fashion and interior is simply a passion. I love working with children and their incredible larky world. My own child's bedroom has been futured in La Petite magazine.  


fashion styling  

Fashion styling was the starting point of my creative work life. Beginning as an In-store stylist dressing up mannequins, to styling private customers for special occasions and latest, doing styling for editorials.


A concept store to home sustainable fashion, design and art. 


Interior design, execution and styling for Awake Collective.  A concept store for sustainable fashion and design, as well as an art gallery. 



Interior design a styling for urbanstory's interior Pop up Shop


Transforming urbanstory's small mid room into an interior Pop up shop with a carefully curated assortment of products by Finnish designers and brands. 

Styling and photography by Lela Louhio


Johanna Gullichsen impeccable bags get a touch of spring.


The styling I did for Johanna Gullichsen's spring party celebration.  


Turning a basic office space into a fresh home-like environment for accounting work, meetings and research. 


The task was to turn an a accounting office into a place for creativity, meetings and events while keeping it's office function. 

Interior design by Anne Munkki. Styling and photos by Lela Louhio. 



Visual content production for social media usage.


I currently produce visual Social media visual content for German/Finnish fashion label UNEINS. A fashion brand that focus in quality, sustainable materials and timeless aesthetics. 

vsco-photo-3 (3).jpg

Visual content production for social media usage.


I had the opportunity to produce some social media content for one of my all time favourite kids labels, Aarrekid. With it's freshest prints by designer Piia Keto, Aarrekid produces sustainable children wear that are lovely to look at and keep children comfortable and free to explore. 


vsco-photo-3 (3).jpg

Ventures of food photography for restaurant Savotta. 


I had the pleasure of grabbing a few shots for Restaurant Savotta in the heart of Helsinki. The food and ambiance couldn't be nowhere but on the roots of Finnish cuisine and culture. 

vsco-photo-3 (3).jpg